Babin Machine Tool has been providing custom engineered toolroom solutions for our customers for over 53 years. New precison manual and CNC tool room equipment as well as CNC retrofits and rebuilding. Hardinge and Bridgeport are our specialties. Check out our exclusive Hardinge servo threading system and HLV-H-CNC Centroid retrofit.

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Servo Threading Retrofit for Hardinge HLV-H

Gain the ability to cut metric pitch threads and expand your capacity for English imperial threads with our bolt-on, servo driven lead screw retrofit.

Hardinge HLV-H Rebuild

Expert Hardinge HLV rebuilding. Satified customers from CA to Seattle, to Florida, to next door. A new-like lathe for 1/3 new!

CNC Hardinge HLV-H Retrofit

Convert your Hardinge to CNC also with full manual capabilities.
New Babin TML-5Cnc available.

"NEW" Hardinge Style Toolroom Lathe TML-5Cst

TML-5Cst Servo Threading. Direct drive 5C spindle to 3,500 RPM and high precision toolroom accuracy.


Innovative 3-axis knee mill that is a X (cross) between a manual and CNC mill with it's ease of use and full CNC capability. Babin designed slim quill drive with electronic quill movement. "A perfect toolroom tool"!

Bridgeport Rebuilding

Bridgeport rebuilding, head repairs, CNC retrofits with your choice of controls, tools and attachments, more

Newall Digital Readouts

Newall DRO packages for your mills, lathes, and grinders, as well as custom. We install. 5 year warranty. More..

Replacement HLV-H Power Feed Module

Does the power feed motor on your HLV-H lathe not work due to cracked or broken cable to motor, bad windings or even a burnt out DC module?

Eastec 2013 Video

Manual Knee Mills

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